For Global Intelligence Services, commercial and strategic alliances are essential to our business. We offer the following services from our offices in the United States and Mexico City.

Commercial Representation

In an industry of constant change, Global Intelligence Services, is on the cutting edge with its team of professionals equipped with the necessary skills to determine specific objectives and increase the presence and penetration of the products and services in strategic territories. Our business experience in different territories allows us to provide customized representation of the product or service.

Conference, Event and Convention Representation

At Global Intelligence Services, we use our alliances to plan, coordinate and execute events with varying objectives. From events and conventions where we provide commercial representation to the organization and coordination of events for clients anywhere in the world, we understand how the presence and positioning of our clients' brand is fundamental for success. ​

Dedicated FTE

With the client, Global Intelligence Services coordinates the selection process for finding dedicated FTE that will provide customer service and/or increase the presence in a specific territory for a particular project. The dedicated FTE will develop a work plan and establish expectations, including indicators, to show the impact of each project.

Market and Business Intelligence Reports

In a complex industry, high quality information and specificity is needed in order to make the best decisions that will allow for a solid strategy based on evidence. Global Intelligence Services offers market intelligence reports to provide our clients with trusted, relevant information that will help them to design a growth strategy according to the territory of their interest.

Penetration Feasibility Analysis

We make the most of our extensive experience to identify potential markets for our products and services. In this analysis, our clients obtain specific information surrounding possible business niches and territories according to the specific characteristics of their services, products and tools. Also included is a comparison of their product potential in different territories, so that they can make smart decisions using information from the best sources.

With more than ten years in the industry, we’ve won the trust of renown publishers and global organizations. For us, the most important thing is to offer our clients exactly what they need to achieve great things. We know that clear expectations between our clients and us guarantee a long lasting relationship.